The camping base “Smalvos” is located on the shore of the large lake Samalvas in Zarasai region of Lithuania having area 328 hectares. Length of the lake is 7 km and width is 3.5 km. It is a solitary and pacific place. The nearest built-up area is located 6 km far from here. Around the camping are located cities: Zarasai (12km), Utena (50 km), Visaginas (10 km). The camping base is rounded by coniferous forest, rich in berries and mushrooms. There is a lot of fish in the lake – perch, cat-fish, pike, bream, tench, roach and other. The base territory covers 2 hectares of land, where located 9 buildings for residence and rest (there are the restaurant with bar, the sauna placed close to the lake, the arbor with grill (for 30 people), the boat-house, 5 houses and 7 comfortable first-class apartments). All lodgments are built of ecologically clean wood, in merging with nature stile.

We offer at your service:

1. 2-storeyed semi-detached houses, for lodging of 2 up to 5 people in both parts of the house. In the every part of the house there are kitchen with cooking battery, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, an electric oven and a teakettle, lavatory and shower bath at the ground floor, sitting room with TV and telephone, lavatory at the 1st floor, hall and bedroom at the 1st floor. Every part has the stoop with wooden furniture for comfortable rest. The rent cost of 1 part of the house is 300 up to 500 Lt according to the Season.

2. The comfortable first-class apartments with living space 25-40 m2 are located at the 1st floor of the central complex. In the apartments can lodge 1 up to 3 people. There are anteroom, bedroom, shower bath, TV, mini-bar, telephone and Internet in the apartments. The cost of the apartment is 150-250 Lt per day, including breakfast.

The base also has the restaurant with bar and 2 halls, every for 50 people. At the restaurant you can have delicious dinner in a friendly atmosphere against the background of cozy interior with large chimneys; the halls are equipped with musical instrumentation of the last design for banquets, weddings, corporative festivals and conferences holding. The cost of the hall rent for holding a conference (50-70 people) is 400-500 Lt.

There is a comfortable sauna at the base territory that is located 5 meters close to the lake opposite the pier. The sauna supports comfortable seating for 6 people, has a large steam hall, WC, shower, rest room, adjoining porch where can place 12-14 people, also there is the attic floor where 4 people can take a rest. The cost of sauna rent is 200 Lt per 4 hours.

Also we can offer you the full rent of the whole office for large-scale meetings holding for 3500 Lt per day (in the cost included rent and lodging oriented for 30-35 people). Also at the base you can rent: oar boats, motorboats, bicycles and sport inventory.

  SMALVOS Estate
Smalvos, Smalvas lake, Zarasay region, Lithuania Republic
Tel: +37060033300 - Bar; +37069835749 - Director; +37067802221 - Administration